Marco Bjurström: “Yummy yummy”


On Thursday September 1st a famous Finnish dance teacher, choreographer, entrepreneur and TV-host Marco Bjurström visited us here at Sampola.

He was interviewed by two of our students, and the questions got very thorough answers.

Talkative Marco made jokes and got everyone to rise from their seats and pat their tummies. He gave good life advice, like ‘take it easy and do what you like’. He has worked at many different jobs in his life, for example, in addition to being a dance teacher, he was a news anchor on TV. He has produced and directed most musicals in Finland, and at the moment he´s working on an opera that will get its premiere next year.

Marco also told us his life story and how he had made it this far, and how he became an entrepreneur. He even shed a few tears while reminiscing.
Mr Bjurström highlighted the fact that the most important thing in our lives is creating a fun atmosphere. He himself creates a relaxed mood at his dance classes by making the students laugh at themselves. He also gave us some food for thought when he said that “Remember that you need to get along with yourself and like yourself, as that is the person with whom you will wake up every single morning.”




UNICEF donation

Last Wednesday, 11th May, the Head and the Italian coordinator handed out the Charity Concert donation check to Vicenza Unicef Chairwoman Ms Getrevi.


It was worth 567 euros.

We are supporting a Unicef project in Bangladesh for “safe swimming” as last year 18,000 children died after flooding because of their incapability to swim!

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Ms Getrevi  is the one signing for acceptation!

A video about safe swimming is also avaliable!




Fashion show


Friday was the day of the grand finale fashion show we had been preparing all week. The casting team started their day early putting on make-up and having their hair done. Also the show moderation team was doing some last minute revision of their speaks for the show. Meanwhile some Erasmus+ and Czech students visited the Jihlava zoo where they were given a chance to feed giraffes, bears and seals. The fashion show started at 11 and it was amazing!




Clothes and jewellery made by the students were on stage and the models looked stunning. We also saw a music performance by the Wo-mn. In the afternoon students had free time and in the evening there was a farewell party at school. At the party everybody was dancing together, chatting, listening live music by The Joyners and eating good barbecue food till late evening.





Thursday was the day we were all really looking forward to as we were going to visit Prague! The two-hour bus journey passed quickly as all students were listening to music and singing, chatting with each other and having little snacks. In Prague we walked over the famous Charles Bridge to the city centre and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design where we had a lecture by Zuzana Veselá.




After the lecture students had two hours free time to see tourist attractions of Prague and go shopping. In the afternoon we visited the National Gallery.




Going back to Jihlava we had to take a diversion as the motorway was closed because of too many car crashes. To be honest we did not mind at all as we got to see more of the Czech Republic and some beautiful towns!



On Wednesday morning we were working in our workshops again. These were the last workshops so everything for the Friday fashion show needed to be ready before lunch. After lunch everybody had a different program depending on which workshop they were in. The casting group had a photoshoot in Jihlava church tower where the documentation team was photographing them.



Fashion design and jewellery groups saw the old town gate, Jihlava town hall and the intriguing city catacombs while silkscreen and moderation teams had a chance to visit the local radio station and hear a lecture by a radio presenter Bedrich Musil.



Workshops and lectures


On Tuesday everyone was working in their workshops the entire morning, making a lot of progress in walking in high heels, designing, painting and photographing.




In the afternoon we had a very interesting lecture by a fashion journalist Václav Mensa. After the lecture we visited the Regional Government office of Jihlava but our way there through beautiful Jihlava was not too straightforward because of hailing.




In the Regional Government office we had a lecture about the Czech Republic and Jihlava and we saw an exhibition “The Recycled Fashion” made by the students of SUPŠ Jihlava-Helenín.

Our first day in Jihlava

Having arrived the day before, on Monday morning we were super excited to meet other Erasmus+ students at Strední umeleckoprumyslová škola Jihlava-Helenín.


In the morning, every country had a chance to introduce themselves and we also saw a fashion show that Czech students had prepared for us. Then we had a tour around the school and a Czech lesson, noticing Czech is a very difficult language. After lunch we listened to a lecture by Linda Zabilková and started working in our workshops into which we had been divided before.



Jihlava Peace concept


The Erasmus project leading idea performed by the Corradini’s students taking part in “Recycle and Design Jihlava 2016” event, which will be held in the Czech Republic from 24th to 30th April 2016, involves recycling materials and foremost recycling the conception of PEACE.Restoring PEACE is a mainstream message to put across if we think about our current and historical context. It’s a message entrusted to the communicability of colour as a source of energy and brotherhood among peoples, it’s a message committed to nature and light, which release the extraordinary image of the rainbow, able to join cultures and religious diversity together, to overcome all walls alongside with inner and outer geographical closures.

The seven students like the seven colours of the rainbow will bear on them and donate poetic notes, especially chosen by them to recollect the beauty of timeless words with the aim of arousing emotions instead of stirring scandals or feelings of oppression thus creating passion and creativity rather than destruction.

Beauty will save the world only if we are able to save beauty.                                                                                                                          

By recycling materials of different types the students have made accessories according to their taste. In so doing they have put themselves at test in various fields, particularly the menial ones, though unknown to them, as far as to enthuse themselves putting their hands on art and making space for their creativity.

Concept by: Maria Grazia Martina

12963380_1685910201674058_8134402171587847781_nMaria Grazia Martina was born in San Cesario di Lecce on 1957; she lives and works in the countryside of Vicenza and since 1986 she is a teacher of History of Art. Visual artist, she uses the “writing” as the main focus of her works, editing authors’ literary and art works. Her interest to the art criticism started first through an original “dialogue to the art work”, then under shape of calligram and poetic prose. She gets to visual poetry through the creation of her own calligraphic sign, carrying out Artist’s books as OperaLibro. With them she participated in the Collateral Events of the 52nd International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, 2007 at Dorsoduro, Venezia. The specific event was named “Camera 312 promemoria per Pierre”, homage to Pierre Restany.


Refer to Ms. Martina personal site on


Bibliography – Sitography

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Fashion show in Tampere


On Sunday 17th April the handicraft students of our school took part in a craft happening called Elävät Patsaat (Living Statues) which was held in the Vapriikki museum centre. Tredu, the vocational school of Tampere, Näpsä craft school and a reuse centre of textiles called Nextiili also participated in the happening. In the Vapriikki, our school, Tammerkoski upper secondary, and the vocational school of Tampere performed a fashion show where, among other things, the accessories for the Jihlava fashion show were on the stage.


During the day there were many things going on, for example, a t-shirt performance that we saw during the Erasmus+ week in Finland. Also all the visitors had an opportunity to make a pin badge or a piece of jewellery for themselves in a Näpsä craft school work shop.


All the students had time to take a look around in the exhibitions of Vapriikki and have lunch in the restaurant. The hairdresser students of the vocational school of Tampere created stunning hairdos to the students performing the fashion show, which people were then able to admire together with self-made ball dresses. Just before the grand finale fashion show, two students of our school, Siiri and Yasmin, sang and played beautifully a couple of songs for the audience.




In our opinion the happening was absolutely brilliant and successful in every way. It was great that the rag rug leg warmers made by Sini and Peppi received their own round of applause! We hope that the accessories made by us Finnish students will get as much attention in the Jihlava fashion show in the Czech Republic as they got here. We can hardly wait to see all the other accessories made by students all over Europe, but luckily we do not have to wait long anymore!